Meet Abel, a professional Chef, that eventually discovered the HireApp platform, and became our SuperHero of the month. His will to learn, work, and adapt to new circumstances has led him to be in the top staff picks on our platform.

Before he started picking shifts through the HireApp platform, Abel worked for very popular Miami hot-spot restaurants as a Chef, and his career was in full swing. As the whole situation with Covid19 came about, Abel was unfortunately forced to explore different career options besides his hospitality career.

“Hospitality industry came to a full-stop, almost instantly, and it became very difficult to find a reliable job in these uncertain times.”

It took Abel a few months to settle, but he was sure about one thing – he was ready to try out shifts in different industries, besides hospitality. One problem with this is that employers looked for previous experience in related industries, something Abel didn’t have. But he was persistent.

But one day, Abel found out about HireApp. He created his account, completed his profile verification by scheduling an interview with our team, and soon he was ready to rock shifts.
Very quickly, Abel found out about the real benefits of picking shifts through HireApp. He was able to select an entry-level shift in the construction industry – an industry that seemed very interesting to him but had no prior experience in.

After a few weeks of doing construction shifts, Abel became one of our best-performing SuperHeroes in the construction industry and has moved on to more demanding (and better paid) middle level positions.

“HireApp lets me select shifts when and where I want, and I love the simplicity and the easy progression on the platform.
I can now choose to be matched with a more demanding shift, that has higher hourly rates, as I have learned new skills through HireApp.”

Besides the construction industry, Abel also worked moving and warehouse shifts. He always knew exactly what was needed to be done, and anticipated what the client would ask him next. Nothing seemed to surprise him.

No matter how frantic the situation was, Abel was always a sea of calm amongst the chaos, tackling each task with a smile.

“I would highly recommend the HireApp platform, as it always matches me with plenty of new shift opportunities, on which I can progress.”

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