Need An Event Crew: Have You Tried A Hiring App?

The traditional process of receiving resumes, setting up interviews and requesting references is on the way out and the mobile app world is the reason why. With many workers turning to the gig economy, their smartphone is becoming the first port of call when looking for a new gig. With approximately 65% of people now using their phones when searching for new work, it only makes sense for you to be hiring where event staff are looking.

The Benefits Of Using A Hiring App For Recruiting

Hiring apps are not only advantageous for workers seeking gigs but they also provide many benefits to employers. Searching for and connecting with event staff can be a lengthy process and requires you to dedicate time outside of your normal workflow to find the right person. The features and opportunities that hiring apps provide can cut this time considerably and make the onboarding process much more manageable.


Sitting down at your desk and reading through hundreds of application emails isn’t the most ideal task in terms of time, especially if you need to find an event crew fast. By using a hiring app, this can be easily done at any time of the day without interrupting your normal workflow. Hiring apps allow you to post your event and search through the profiles of interested applicants all from the palm of your hand. That means no more endless hours spent reading through pages of resumes making the process much more convenient.

Smart Notifications

Wouldn’t it be great to get a notification on your phone when a suitable applicant applies to your event? Well, with a smart notification feature that is possible. Some hiring apps on the market allow you to just instant updates when something important is happening on your profile. This means that regardless of whether you are in your office, commuting or in the gym you can always be kept notified when the perfect candidate for your event staff is waiting to connect with you.

Real-Time Communication

Oftentimes, communicating with potential event staff over email can be time-consuming and troublesome. Emails can be sent back and forth endlessly and in some cases, it can take weeks to organize an interview or meet in person. With an app, communication is in real-time. You can get in touch with prospective workers straight through the app and stay in contact in real-time. This proves to be much more efficient from a time perspective and ensures that you can find the perfect event crew faster.


Ever found the right candidate through Craigslist or Facebook then has the person ghost on you the day of the event? With a hiring app, you can be confident that the candidate is more reliable, and is being rated on their performance. More, you can see past ratings, their work history, and more prior to making a selection. This new way of finding the right staff for your event can help ease concerns of cancellations and no-shows.

Easily Accessible

Finally, hiring apps provide employers with an easily accessible and easy-to-use interface where they can connect, search and find the right temp workers all from their smartphone. These apps are designed to make the process of finding workers and event staff more seamless and convenient.

Hiring Your Event Crew

With technology advancing every day, adapting how you search for gig workers could be extremely beneficial when taking on new event staff. The gig working economy is reliant on their smartphones for helping them find their next gig and you should be too. Using a hiring app is not only convenient in terms of the onboarding process and time constraints but also means that the perfect event crew member is only a click away at all times.